Turn Phrases Into Dollars: Make Cash On-Line Evaluation

Does submitting one video to dozens of video sites help you get more traffic? And do these videos actually provide some sort of Search Engine Optimization value to your website? These are a couple of questions that I wanted to take a brief look at today.

What you will need to start out with is some recording equipment maybe a microphone and audio recording software like sound forge built by Sony. With this, you can record yourself reading your article. You can also hire a voice talent to do this work typically a professional voice talent gets paid at least $100 per hour.


So, can folks really make a living funny videos? Oh yes. Through advertising and traffic and the magic of advertising services such as Google, blog sites can rake in copious amounts of money. If a person is a respected blogger, traffic to his or her site can generate hundreds or thousands of dollars per month in ad revenue. Using tools such as Google AdSense and AdWords, the blogger can embed links to related sites. Readers visit the blog, notice the ads that are related to the article they are reading and click.

Think about this: internet or no internet, most successful businesses have succeeded because of their marketing and advertising campaigns. These businesses promote their products or services very well. And, even more importantly, they promote themselves to the masses. >Masses: 'the body of common people or people of low socioeconomic status'. Before the existence of the internet, this type of promotion usually involved classified ads and newspaper promotions, television ads, business cards, flyers, lawn signs and even door to door salesmen. Of course, all of these techniques are still being used today. However, the most effective advertising techniques (tv commercials & newspaper advertisements) cost way too much for the average person trying to run their own business to afford.

I myself like Submit bookmarks the blogging submission tool. Since I purchased this software, I have seen an increase in traffic of over 45%. I think you can figure out what that means to my bank account.Even though this software has been out for a couple of years now, it will never become out of date or useless.

The run time depends on the type of content you want to create a video of. The recommended time for a SEO video would be 2 - 3 minutes. Increasing the time directly affects the size of the video. This might slow down the upload time and hence increase the time taken for the SEO activity. Most funny videos submission site have a restriction on the size of the file too.

Do not forget to use a list of tips such as "4 Tips" on the topic that the blog is going to cover. Readers really enjoy reading tips that can make their lives easier and can allow them ways to free up more time.

Web 2.0 is one of the many sites where bloggers use to go through to increase traffic to their site. Building traffic to biggest social networking sites is a smart idea. Most internet users are members of big social networking sites. Bloggers are taking the advantage of it by posting their links on to these social networking sites.

Check out the price. If you were a software developer who produced a comprehensive and helpful writing application, how much would you price it? Bargain-hunters generally get what they pay for - generic tools that don't do much different from everything else out there. Don't be stingy - look for quality. Price is a very telling sign.Submit Guest Post

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